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Autor Tema: Moov!ng Fridayz presents MindResearch - DJ MITA  (Pročitano 2060 puta)

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Moov!ng Fridayz presents MindResearch - DJ MITA
« poslato: 09.10.2007. 18:07 »

Nemanja Mitrovic aka DJ MITA born in Belgrade/Serbia started his interest in elecrtronic music very early. Influenced by his father he began listening to Kraftwerk and Jean Michelle Jarre productions.Later as he grew he found other artists that kept his interest in area of electronica, like Front 242,The Prodigy and others. With the age of 16 he found club scene in Belgrade and started going out on weekly basis.As he learned more about music and dj skillz he found interest in producing music and development of urban culture.In year 2000 he began mixing his first records,playing in small Belgrade clubs. As he progressed he was recognised by the audience and his collegues as a dj that allways finds the way to fill the dancefloor.That resulted in his resident evenings in clubs barutana,akademija and mondo during the year 2003. He also played on biggest south-eastern europe summer festival EXIT.Now he is one of the top Serbian joks working constantly on 3 decks all over the country.He played with the likes of:Marco Carola,Ladida,CJ bolland,Staffan Ehrlin,Marko Nastic,Billy Nasty, Kay D.Smith,Lars Klein,Chris Liberator,Marco Lenzi,Dave the Drummer,Dj Murphy,Mark EG,Distek .. and many more.Style depends on the athmosfere of the party.Its allways tech based,hard edged,filled with grooves and dancefloor oriented.He is also a member of notorious Belgrade dj organization Concrete Djz,and his productions are released on respected labels such as Blackoutaudio, Mastertraxx,Hardsignal,Submissions,Betamax...Most of his time on the road playing for the people and techno lovers around the world,Mita takes center stage in Serbian techno rise.

local support :

DJ Pedja [tektonika]
Aleksandar Milic [mindresearch]

c'yaaa :drinks: